88 Osborne St, Johnstown PA 15905

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Does your physician take the time to listen to you?

“Dr. Frem is very friendly and thoughtful. He has empathy for me and is sincere- something that you don’t expect from a doctor. He is interested in my problems. He is great.”
– Charles McCauley, Johnstown

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Convenient locations in Western Pennsylvania.

A major part of our commitment to your health and treatment is convenient services, which is why we have several locations. Often times, simply getting to an appointment can be difficult, but not with The Kidney Center. Call today to find your nearest location.


An All-Inclusive Approach to Kidney Disease Management.

At The Kidney Center, we specialize in a multi-dimensional approach to treatment designed to not only manage your disease, but to allow you to lead the active and fulfilling life that you want. Call today, and get on the path to health & happiness.